What we do

Knowtheirname is a creative agency that specialise in content marketing and social media. From our headquarters in Denmark we help brands create the best content and most clever social media strategy to help create more value and business for our clients.

“Nobody likes advertising – Everybody loves content”

Rasmus Hamann - Managing Director & Founder

Social media

We preach purpose driven social media work. We will help you put a goal on your social media presence and help you achieve it. Whether it is helping your webshop get more sales, building your brands presence, recruiting the right people or… We will help!

Our social media team is a mix between data analysers, creatives and great content producers – but must important they are daily users who grew up with social media.



There is no doubt video makes for great content. We partner with some of the best producers in Denmark to help you create stunning videos.


Do you want to talk right into the ears of your target audience? Podcast might be the way to go. Our in house podcast agency Akkurator is specialised in producing branded podcasts.

Det der skete, mens du festede  

Music Branding

Nobody likes advertising, everybody loves music!

Bad advertising and marketing is annoying, interruptive and most people want to live without it!

So why not make something entertaining instead? Something that connects to your consumers’ feelings – And maybe even make them remember your brand?

Music has a direct connection to the heart and brain. Everybody has that one song that makes them cry, that one festival experience that was amazing and unique and that one artist that just makes them tick.

Take a second and think about it… What was the first t-shirt brand you ever bought? Can’t remember? Well now tell me the first album you ever owned? That was easier right?

Ad music

Need a song for your next video, commercial, or movie? Let us help.

If we can’t find the perfect match – we will make it! In our in-house studio we can produce everything from a nice cosy pop song to a symphonic score.

We handle everything. From finding or making the right music, negotiating with rights owners and all the boring legal stuff.

Check out our two sound reels below.

“We help brands connect to music and turn consumers into fans!”

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