WAGNER is high quality menswear fashion at sensible prices, combined with great and personal service. The owner-company of the brand, PTW Group, wanted to push the well-known Danish brand in a younger, cooler and more edgy direction. They came to Knowtheirname for help, due to our previous success with another of the company’s fashion brands, JUNK de LUXE.

The strategy was to establish a strong position for the brand on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram. We did this by presenting a new theme every month, which included the creation of entertaining, inspiring and relevant content as well as a strong focus on user involvement and interaction.

In only three month, we increased the number of followers on the social platforms with more than 1.800 on Instagram and 1.500 on Facebook. Furthermore, we made the followers talk to the brand and to each other with the use of surprising, creative and involving content.

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