In just four years, Danish fashion house Vito has established itself as a relevant player in the otherwise highly competitive fashion industry with their focus on stylish, Scandinavian design. Knowtheirname entered into a strategic partnership with Vito in which the Aarhus-based, folk-indie-rockers Green Lives acted as models in Vito’s look book for their 2015 spring and summer collections.

Additionally, Knowtheirname activated Vito’s brand at SPOT Festival ’14, at which the fashion house decorated the festival with i.e. staff T-shirts. Festival guests could also win cool prizes if they got a pictures with the “Vito man” who wandered around the festival dressed in colourful designer clothes in line with Vito’s distinctive and stylish design and image. Lastly, a hash tag campaign was initiated as well as sampling of Vito’s products at various events around the festival.

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