In connection to the launch of Tøjekspertens fall collection 2014, where the danish TV-persona Christian Bitz is modelling, our task was to find the right match between the collection and a music profile.

Tøjeksperten is a chain of clothing stores with more than 100 retailers throughout Denmark plus retailers in Greenland and on the Faroe Islands. Their collection holds a broad range of basis clothing and suits, along with present trends. As a brand they are used to attracting a mature target group, but wanted to, via their fall collection, to attract a younger target group by adding a more youthful identity to the brand through music. For that purpose the choice fell on the Danish all girl band Nelson Can and their track Attack. Nelson Can has just released their first album, and with the choice of their first single for the fall collection of Tøjeksperten, the partnership developed a synergy, that benefitted both parties.

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