Stylepit has existed for over ten years and is one of the largest fashion web shops in Europe. The brand specialises in selling fashion clothes to women, men, and children. The collaboration with Stylepit started when the Danish online shop noticed the importance of involving music in their brand. Stylepit wished to engage their customers, and it was important to them that their auditory profile positioned the brand as a strong actor amongst online web shops. Therefore, we paired Stylepit with the Danish rock band Go Go Berlin, who are known for their intense live performances and love for the uncompromising 60’s rock. Go Go Berlin would add a rocking authenticity to Stylepit as a brand. This created an extensive, expressive musical universe around the online shop. Out of this came a TV commercial airing on Danish television.

Aside from the promotional video, Stylepit also created merchandise such as t-shirts and towels with Stylepit’s and Go Go Berlin’s logos as part of the partnership. Moreover, Go Go Berlin gave away this merchandise for free during their show at Roskilde Festival in 2013, putting further focus on the Stylepit campaign.

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