How do you get full house at the opening of a store that sells glasses while running the event on social media?
With the opening of a new store in the Danish town, Esbjerg, Smarteyes wanted to create a great experience for their customers by hosting an interesting and relevant grand opening event.

Knowtheirname came up with the idea to style and photograph the customers wearing Smarteyes glasses. In that way, the customers could assess each pair of glasses more profoundly, and they would leave the store with a feeling of well-being and comfort. The pictures were shared on Facebook by Smarteyes, and eventually the customers themselves.

A lot of happy and satisfied customers left the shop that day, and Smarteyes in Esbjerg was fully booked a week ahead. Subsequently, we repeated the great success in other Danish cities like Herning, Holbæk, Roskilde, Slagelse and Kolding.

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