In August 2014, Saxo.com, Denmark’s most popular web store in 2013, launched the campaign #Overspringer (#Procrastinator). The request behind the campaign was to strengthen the relation between SAXO.com, and their younger target audience, especially the thousands of students around the country. Knowtheirname have designed the idea behind the concept as well as been responsible for the campaign connected to it. The concept activates and engages the students through music and content marketing in a fun and involving manner.

The foundation of the campaign was the hashtag #Overspringer (#Procrastiantor), which was used by the students to share each others’ school-related procrastinations. #Overspringer generated content from and for SAXO.com, the festival NorthSide, the artist Be Svendsen, as well as the students themselves. The campaign is designed in congruence with SAXO.com’s existing brand expression, but also extends the brand’s appeal by focusing on the young students.

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