Realmæglerne is a national real estate company in Denmark with a great focus on giving each customer the best personal experience. The estate company is specialized in the sales of owner-occupied flats, cooperative dwelling and town houses while their goal is to be the first choice when it comes to selling or buying properties. Realmæglerne wanted to acquire a greater number of apartments for them to sell at their Aarhus S & Aarhus C departments. The task for us was to target the right audience interested in selling their apartment. Something our social media team was more than pleased to help with!

Our partnership with Realmæglerne started with us inviting the company’s estate agents to participate in a workshop. Here they learnt the ins and outs of how advertising on Facebook works as well as how you make an effective add.
After the workshop, we have produced ads for Realmæglerne as well. These have been targeted towards people who want to sell their apartment for different reasons.

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Project Details

Date: May 15, 2017

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