The concept ”Sounds Like Fabric” is a partnership between a fashion retailer and a band. It is the first of its kind in Denmark, and the idea behind this partnership is for the brand to benefit from the positive and emotive associations of the band and of their musical style. The band, on the other hand, benefits from the exposure that follows a partnership with a brand of qUINT’s size.

To collaborate with a band allows fashion retailer qUINT to create value for the brand’s customer base. More specifically, partnerships were forged between qUINT and the band BliGlad and the DJ and producer Swab, both of which created exclusive content for qUINT’s customers.

According to qUINT’s E-Commerce Manager, Ulrik E. Larsen, ”It makes sense for a fashion retailer to try to be present and reach people where they are. We know that music is an important part of our customers’ lives. It’s not about selling clothes; it’s about selling a lifestyle.”

A review of the marketing campaign indicates that the cooperation increased the benefits for both qUINT and its customers, because it delivered relevant and exclusive content to customers and created added value for them, i.e. through giveaways like free tracks. Thanks to the cooperation, qUINT was able to expand its customer base, increase its brand awareness, get more likes on Facebook, increase its range of influence, get access to new platforms and channels, increase customer involvement with the brand and get a greater press coverage.

To work with different artists is a way for qUINT to define its new brand identity. Indeed, music appeals to people in ways that other media cannot; it is directly connected to the memory and has the ability to emotionally touch people. As such, music awakens certain associations and feelings in the listener, and often puts the listener in a particular mood. By associating a brand with music, the brand becomes an ambassador for the lifestyle and the culture that go together with that music and its audience. In that way, the brand becomes more than just a name, a concept or a firm. Rather, and emotional dimension is added to the brand, making it more complex and deep.


Fashion retailer qUINT released BliGlad’s album “Hjem til Harlev”. The release of the album through qUINT shows how the partnership can offer exclusive content to qUINT’s customers, such as free tracks from the album, exclusive interviews with the artists and special events. BliGlad benefits from the partnership too, i.e. by gaining awareness through exposure on qUINT’s website, newsletter and customer blogs.


DJ and producer Swab released his album ”Panorama Playground” in cooperation with Knowtheirname, qUINT and the music label TallManRecords. Releasing the album this way helped create value for both qUINT and its customers as well as for the artist. Customers were the first to hear the album and get free tracks and other exclusive content, whereas the artist benefited from marketing and exposure through qUINT’s homepage, newsletter, social media and blogs.

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