How do you create hype around something you really aren’t allowed to tell anyone about? NorthSide is one of Denmark’s largest festivals, and they wanted to bring more attention to the announcement of the first artists attending the 2015 festival. At the same time, they wanted to engage the fan base on social media – fans, that are demanding and accustomed to great content.

We developed and executed a concept, where we invited 13 of the most enthusiastic NorthSide fans for a beer and a secret. As the very first, they were allowed to hear the first five artists, who would revealed for NorthSide 2015. The music speaks for itself: They aren’t told anything, they see no pictures, names or anything – they are just presented pieces of music.

The result is amazing pictures with the fans’ immediate reactions. In addition, it gave them an exclusive experience in NorthSide’s office together with the feeling of being at the core heart of the festival. They went from fans to ambassadors: On Facebook, they shared, commented and teased the people who were trying to guess whom the artists were.

The video spread like wildfire, and during the first 24 hours, it had reached 60,000 impressions and 700 comments, shares and likes.
The case proves that it is not always necessary with expensive productions to create amazing results: What is needed is the right idea.

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