With over 60 years of experience, Logitrans is one of the leading manufacturers of material handling equipment!

Today, more than 100 qualified employees within Logitrans development, production, sales and service departments are fulfilling customer requirements worldwide! Logitrans is very visible in their surroundings – at exhibitions, in the press and at award presentations! With their high awareness concerning quality and the environment, they fulfil the requirements of the future!

Our role at Knowtheirname was to help Logitrans bring this awareness into the age of social media and attract new customers. The firm was still in charge of their own Facebook-profile, and we focused on performing “niche-targeting”. This means that we promoted a small selection of Logitrans’ equipment to the right target groups, for example by advertising their Logitilt to Hospital staff, thereby emphasising how it makes the cleaning process easier.
Overall, the task was to draw even more attention to Logitrans and the opportunities such services and products can bring.

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Project Details

Date: May 15, 2017

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