Lindbergh Fashion

Lindbergh Fashion is a high fashion brand, who creates clothing for men interested in acquiring a wardrobe based on problem solving and high industrial fashion. The PWT Brands, who among others also owns JUNK de LUXE and WAGNER, wanted to kick-start Lindbergh Fashion’s social media platforms and reach out to a self-conscious, picky and specific target group.

With Lindbergh Fashion being the biggest and best-selling menswear brand in Denmark, we needed to change the focus on their social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, to match the brand of being cool, rugged and classic. The aim was to create a stronger brand position with a focus upon today’s informed men. As such, we reduced the focus on their previous strategy of merely selling and increased the level of creative and involving content – still with a classic and fashionable touch.

Overall, the Facebook adverts have given more than 800,000 impressions, reaching more than 330,000 people within the target group. The actual posts have resulted in 43,000 interactions sending 1,200 of these directly to the website.

The Lindbergh Fashion instagram has also grown remarkably, as the style and design have become much more cohesive and aligned with the Lindbergh Fashion products and brand style. The destinctive style of the feed has provided followers with a recognisable impression of the brand when entering the profile. In average, the posts have been viewed by 700 followers of the target group, with 70 % of them being men in the age of 18-34 years old – which also comprises Lindbergh Fashion’s primary target group. Thus, we managed to create an account that provided followers with relevant and interesting content, thereby achieving the overall purpose of establishing a cohesive profile reaching the primary target group.

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Project Details

Date: November 23, 2016

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