In 2014, the menswear company PWT Group took over the Danish fashion brand, JUNK de LUXE. For this reason, they needed a rebranding of the newly acquired company. In that context, Knowtheirname had to secure and position JUNK de LUXE as a stylish and urban fashion brand, and we found a match with the rapper Oliver Chambuso – better known as Kesi.

The young rapper and his great taste give the brand more edge and help to raise awareness through those platforms where both the brand and the artist are present. Therefore, we established a strategic partnership between Kesi and JUNK de LUXE in order to launch and push the new autumn and winter collection in 2015 with a great boost.

Brian Børsting, Corporate Marketing Manager for PWT Group, commented on the partnership with Kesi: “On several occasions, we have glanced in his direction when he has taken part in various fashion shows. He is “spot on” in relation to JUNK de LUXE. He is a direct hit towards the people we want to speak to – and therefore he is an ideal partner for us.”

With a little help from our new partner and friend Kesi, we are very proud to show you the autumn/winter collection for 2015!

Junk De Luxe & Kesi – AW2015

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