Jack & Jones

With over 200,000 readers every month, GAFFA is Denmark’s biggest music magazine. When GAFFA needed the Danish rock band, Ulige Numre, for the front page cover, they contacted Knowtheirname. Our task was to find a relevant partner, who would sponsor to dress the band.

Knowtheirname had previously worked with Jack & Jones, with great success, which lead us to contact them once again. They only saw benefits in dressing up a band, such as Ulige Numre, for their appearance on GAFFA’s front page. Not only is the magazine read by so many people every month, but Jack & Jones would also be associated with a band that was (and still is) on everybody’s lips. Apart from the clothes that Ulige Numre wore on GAFFA’s frontpage – as well as in the magazine – Jack & Jones also sponsored the band’s outfits on their up-coming tour following the front page article in GAFFA.

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