In 2013, the Danish music magazine GAFFA celebrated their 30 years anniversary. To mark the 30 years, Gaffa has collected 11 of the present day’s best known artists to interpret their favourite songs from the past 30 years. The songs are all gathered on the album “Gi’ Et Nummer”. We had the pleasure of being a part of this great musical project that celebrated the Danish music industry and GAFFA.

As a great gesture for the music, GAFFA chose to give the profit from the album sale to “URK Præsenterer” – a project that we also were involved in. With “URK Præsenterer”, the Youth Red Cross presented Danish artist in concerts, that the artists played voluntarily.

To collect money and sell the anniversary album “Gi’ Et Nummer”, we started a crowdfunding on booomerang.dk. Here the buyer could pay a chosen amount of money, and as a thanks they would receive the album or a Gaffa+ subscription on the magazine.

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