Djurslands Bank

Djurslands Bank is the attentive bank, with a local focus. To highlight this, while also attracting a young target audience, Knowtheirname created the campaign #MitTalent. The campaign aimed to enhance the social connections of the bank, while aiding the local, creative and talented youth display their talents. We produced 15 different videos, spanning from a graffiti artist to a barista, each showcasing their unique talent. Furthermore, the campaign created user-generated content by encouraging the young Instagram users to upload their own talents.

In short, Djursland Bank met the local youth on their home ground through the #MitTalent campaign and user activation on social media. This creates an abundance of good and engaging stories, while encouraging a dialogue between the bank and the visually oriented target audience. 

“Many think that banks are all the same, but through this campaign, we indicate that we aren’t. At our bank, we are sincerely interested in not only you as a person, but in your dreams and ambitions, and we would very much like to help you make them come true.” expresses Head of Djurslands Bank’s UngBank, Kasper Jensen.  

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