The contractor enterprise, A. Enggaard A/S, is responsible for the development of the 140.000 square foot floors in Aarhus, which earlier was known as the city’s brewery, Royal Unibrew. A. Enggaard A/S has used several external partners to promote the neighborhood and encourage creative exploitation of the urban space. It was through this exact angle that A. Enggaard A/S contacted Knowtheirname. We found a potential in investing in the creative forces of the city since we, on that account, could join in on creating life in the empty buildings, develop the city and expand our network.

This is why we, in fall 2013, created the city’s largest musicstudio Tallman Studio, which added culture and life to the Ceres Village and made the place a more interesting area. As producer and co-owner of the studio, Anders Ruby, expressed it: »All in all, it is all about creating some culture and life in the Ceres Village. Our contribution then is the music.

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