Klostergaarden is an apartment complex consisting of 46 new condos in the absolute heart of Aarhus. The developer, Bricks, wanted a new way to brand and sell the 46 condos and hired Knowtheirname for the job.

Our strategy was not only to tell people about the new condos, but to build a brand and an identity associated with dreams, freedom and urban lifestyle. We started with ideation and came up with the name Klostergaarden, which is linked to the history of the building, the close neighbour, Vor Frue Kirke, and the former related monastery.

Besides making an informative and continuously updated website as well as a newsletter and a booklet about the apartment complex, we also created a community om Facebook surrounding Klostergaarden – a channel that was well-suited for the target group, young urban-oriented people and their parents.

The cross-channel activities created great PR and hype around the 46 new condos. The result: Half of the condos were sold only a few days after the were put up for sale, and long before the first condos were finished, meaning that only a small handful of condos were left for sale.

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