Aarhus Teater

Aarhus Teater was built in the 1890s on the initiative of the citizens of Aarhus. Today, it is a cultural powerhouse located in the heart of Aarhus. This year, the theatre will open the Aarhus Festival (25.8- 03.09.2017) with the performance ’Lyden Af De Skuldre Vi Står På’ as part of the European Capital of Culture 2017 project.

To promote their up-coming performance, Aarhus Teater came to us looking for an interesting and different way to create engagement and excitement from the public. We came up with the concept of a remix competition, which would evoke and engage the electronic music environment, and hence a fresh and yet unexplored audience for Aarhus Teater. To delve into the universe of the performance ‘Lyden af De Skuldre Vi Står På’, sound artists were invited to bring new life and energy to the old Danish hymn ‘Dejlig er jorden’ from the Golden Age.

As part of the competition, we created a Soundcloud-profile with ‘Sounds of the Theatre’ samples with helped from the podcast firm Akkurator. The samples are to be used as part of the remix.

The competition will end with a concert, where the best remix of the hymn will be selected by actor and singer Simon Kvamm and artist Marie Højlund. The finalist will play in the foyer of the opening day for the press of Aarhus Festival. Knowtheirname will make a video of the performance which can be spread on social media, through the music network of the house and hopefully generate a new and fresh audience to Aarhus Teater.

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Project Details

Date: May 15, 2017

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